Game-changing AI automation for medical billing companies and providers.

AgentAI automates your most time-consuming, and resource-draining tasks, helping you get paid faster, cut costs, and reduce claim denials.

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Significantly reduce your billing operation cost.

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Experience up to 10X faster turnaround times.

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Minimize error-prone tasks & decrease claim denials.

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Healthcare Systems

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Full Automation of Data Entry Tasks

AgentAI quickly and accurately extracts text and numerical data from various medical records, including patient records, physician notes, authorizations, and EOBs. The extracted data is then processed by our AI system and auto-submitted through direct integration with your EHR and billing system.

Intelligent Coding & Processing

AgentAI will transform your medical coding and billing by improving efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. It speeds up the entire process, reduces errors, offers real-time feedback, ensures compliance, and minimizes claim denials.

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24/7 On-Demand Scaling

AgentAI can easily be scaled up or down as needed. Your organization can adjust the utilization of AgentAI to match your workload requirements, reducing the challenges of overstaffing or understaffing.

Resource Allocation Optimization

By automating routine coding tasks, AgentAI frees up human coders to focus on more complex cases. This ensures that coders are working on tasks that require their expertise while AgentAI handles routine work.

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Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Security is at the core of our software's design, reflecting our unwavering commitment to safeguarding sensitive healthcare information and ensuring HIPAA compliance. With vigilant encryption and stringent access controls, we take data security seriously, ensuring that patient data remains confidential and protected. Our dedication to continuous security enhancements and compliance measures demonstrates our steadfast commitment to providing a secure platform for healthcare providers, where the highest standards of privacy and data protection are upheld.

AgentAI workflow. The application sits between the medical record system and billing system.

Seamless Integration into your current workflow

We've designed AgentAI to seamlessly integrate into your current workflow, effortlessly connecting with a wide range of EMR and EHR systems. The streamlined process will quickly help automate a large portion of your coding and billing tasks so that your staff can spend more of their time on complex cases.

Emerging AI Trends in RCM & Medical Billing

This report explores the emerging AI-powered workflow automation trends in Revenue Cycle Management, providing insights into how these trends are reshaping the industry.

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